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The world belongs to nerds, geeks, makers,
dreamers, and knowmads.

What is Knowmad?

“A knowmad is what I term a nomadic knowledge worker –that is,
a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with
almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.

Industrial society is giving way to knowledge and innovation work.
Whereas industrialization required people to settle in one place to perform
a very specific role or function, the jobs associated with knowledge
and information workers have become much less specific in regard to
task and place.
Moreover, technologies allow for these new paradigm workers to work either
at a specific place, virtually, or any blended combination. Knowmads can
instantly reconfigure and recontextualize their work environments,
and greater mobility is creating new opportunities.”

John Moravec

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Hello, I’m Cristina, and I founded Knowmad Living to help companies and individuals to create a digital transformation strategy to increase accessibility for their clients, build relationships, consumer trust, and succeed.

I’m dedicated to turning your business idea into reality with innovation, creativity, and integrity.

As a Knowmad, I have lived in different countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, and Spain, which has given me the creativity, adaptability, and collaborative skills to work with different cultures.

Being a remote worker based in Malta has given me the opportunity to
continue to travel around the world so I can be in a continuous state of learning and exploring.

Working for different industries, such as retail, sports & fitness, wellness,
and start-ups, I have developed experience as a retailer, customer service,
office manager, designer, and digital marketer.

I believe in a digital transformation without losing human connection,
working for a sustainable, equal, and fair world.

My values are integrity, honesty, commitment, and trust.

More about me:

Holland code (RIASEC) Test

Myers briggs test INTJ

Enneagram Type 9 the peacemaker

My dominant tendency according to the Grethen Rubin Four Tendencies test: Questioner.

My career anchors are Autonomy, technical, and service.

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